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Nonton dan download film The Dark Castle (2015) terbaru

The Dark Castle (2015)

17 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 80 MenitDilihat: 1.285 views

Bram and Tatia are honeymooning in St Jean Le Vieux, France. They visit Pérouges, a small town of summer festival. In a crowd, Bram is shadowed by a man, while Tatia is tempted by a child who seemed to ask her to play. Tatia chases him and runs into the alleys of Pérouges. In these alleys Tatia is kidnapped. Bram is looking for Tatia and he is also abducted.

Bram is locked in a dark room of a castle. Bram is visited by cloaked people and woman ghost who appear from the wall. Tatia is experiencing the same thing. She knows that they would be sacrificed. Tatia looking for ways to escape. And finally she finds Bram. They run away from the castle, but they are hunted by robed men and Tatia is recaptured.

Bram can escape. He is aided by Thierry, a man who followed him at the carnival. Thierry tells spooky stories: that group of people who live near the castle perform satanic rituals at the expense of a pair of newcomers to the devil.

Thierry and Bram try to free Tatia. Thierry has his own agenda with the leader of the sect.

Tagline:Kastil Terlarang – SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE
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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia